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Tyler H. LASIK July 2017e

Tyler H.

"I went from 20/200 & 20/400 to 20/15 in both eyes after having LASIK with Dr. Davies.  Couldn't be more thrilled.  No more glasses or contacts!"


Chris J.

"I never bought prescription sunglasses, I just squinted. Now, after having LASIK, I can buy cheap sunglasses.  The best part is waking up and being able to see the clock!"

Caroline Swenson

Caroline S.

"After having cataract surgery with Dr. Davies, I see so well that I can now see the wrinkles on my face and on my friend’s faces. I never saw them before!"


Alana C.

"‘I love being able to wake up and see clearly right away now that I've had LASIK.  No more reaching over to find my glasses or hurrying to put in contacts!"


Reta C.

"‘I've been coming to Dr. Davies ever since he took over the practice, way back in 1992!  He's done mine, my sister's, my brother-on-law's and my friend's cataract surgeries."


Alex B.

"I've worn glasses for years.  Now that I've had LASIK, I'm looking forward to going off to my 1st year of college and leaving my glasses at home!"


Josh J.

"There is nothing better than a life free of contacts and glasses! The LASIK procedure was quick and painless and now I have 20/15 vision. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Dr. Davies and his team."


Bill O.

“I’ve worn bifocals for 45 years and last Sunday was the first time I could read the newspaper without my glasses! I’ve also freed up my wife from doing all our night driving since I couldn’t see well. Now, I’m back at the wheel!"


Randi C.

"My eyesight kept fluctuating and was unclear. I wasn’t sure if it was due to allergies or dryness in the air. But after seeing Dr. Davies, he recommended the Dry Eye Spa and what a difference! The procedure left me feeling refreshed, relaxed, and I had clearer vision!"


Justin M.

"The best part of having LASIK is that I wake up and end my day with perfect vision which has been a nice change. I can be active and not worry about glasses or forgetting to pack contacts when I take a trip somewhere!"


Lynda D.

"My vision today is incredible after having Cataract Surgery! I didn’t realize how bad my vision was. Everything is now bright, the colors are vivid, and I can read my NY Times every morning!"


Yuneri D.

“With my new clear-vision from having LASIK I feel safe driving both night and day. At work I can easily adjust to things far away from me, and at home I don't have to wonder where my glasses are, how many times I've dropped them or how scratched they are."


Charles P.

"‘The staff seemed well trained and very courteous. If you are looking for a fine, competent Doctor and a friendly atmosphere for your eye needs, I highly recommend Dr. Davies and his staff’!"


Marc S.

"Ever since my eye surgery, I’ve been Glasses-FREE except when I’m in a restaurant at night!"


Skip H.

"Dr. Davies has an astonishing reputation for his surgeries. I’ll be driving The American Eagle at 400+MPH which equates to a distance of 2 football fields in one second. It’s imperative that I have precise vision. Thank you, Dr. Davies and Staff!"


Diane T.

"‘After having Cataract Surgery, I can now drive again!  Besides seeing the TV clearly, I can now see my 6 grandchildren."


Darrell P.

"I can see everything and now I can read without glasses since having Cataract surgery."


Sherry B.

"I love my vision after having a Clear Lens Exchange! No more glasses all over the house. No more glasses at the end of my nose, in the grocery store, in a restaurant, or at work. Now that’s visual freedom."

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